Pregnant women often seek chiropractic care when they are experiencing neck or back pain, yet you don’t have to wait until pain hits to seek treatment. In fact, chiropractic care can benefit you greatly, as well as your precious child. Dr. Ira A. Shapiro, at Plaza Chiropractic Center is experienced when it comes to pregnancy and chiropractic care. Visiting regularly can maintain and improve proper alignment in your spine and pelvis, as well as reduce the risk of breech presentation during labor. Regular care at Plaza Chiropractic can stimulate your immune system function too! We know you only want what’s best for you and your little one during pregnancy. To ease your fears or apprehensions, here is a little information about chiropractic care and your pregnancy.


Seeing a chiropractor can keep you and your baby in great health. As a mom, during pregnancy you will ingest many substances that are passed to the baby. Pain will be subdued without the use of drugs that could be harmful to your baby.

During pregnancy, your hormones cause your muscles and joints to relax. This makes your body prone to misalignments that can cause pain. Chiropractic manipulations can safely restore the proper alignment in your body.

Other benefits that you can expect include relief of joint pain, reduced amount of morning sickness, increased likelihood of normal delivery and a shorter time of labor and birth.


During pregnancy women tend to have an increased appreciation of their time spent at the chiropractor. Because of the relaxation brought on by your hormones, spinal adjustments are done with modified amounts of force. Treatments are preformed using special tables that allow you to lie without adding pressure on your stomach. Your comfort and safety if our top priority.

Dr. Shapiro is aware that you want what is best for you and your baby, and we do too here at Plaza Chiropractic Center! Whether you’re experiencing pain or not, regular care with us can provide you with a more comfortable and healthy pregnancy. Call us today at 732-723-0023 to schedule an appointment. For more information on our office and services, “Like” us on Facebook!

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