Drinking water is an incredibly important and often forgotten part to a healthy day. Water is essential for healthy muscles and preventing muscle injuries because muscles require water to be flexible. Water is also needed by the blood, since it helps to promote fluidity in the muscle itself. The problem that many individuals have is that they do not know how much water to drink every day. There are a few different answers to a question that might seem quite simple.

The amount of water you drink depends solely on your age and current activity level. Healthy and sedentary adults will need about eight glasses of water each day, each glass holding about eight ounces of clean water. If you are an active adult who sweats a lot while working out or you have a job that requires you to be physically active, you will need to drink a lot more. Also, elderly people should be drinking more every day since dehydration is incredibly common among those who are aging.

In general, the more water that you drink, the better. Water is essential for life and muscle activity. People who are dehydrated will often find that it is difficult to move around very much because they simply feel lethargic all of the time. You may have even visited our office for a chiropractor in Old Bridge who recommended drinking more water. The amount of water you should be drinking should be discussed with your doctor. Only a professional healthcare expert will be able to tell you how many glasses of water you should be drinking every day considering your current age and the state of health you are in.


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